Red Floribunda Roses

Red Floribunda Roses for Passion

Floribunda gets its namesake from the literal Latin meaning, “many flowering”. They are a cross-breed between a frail yet majestic Hybrid Tea Roses and the virile and erratic-blooming polyantha rose native to China, Japan and Korea. They inherit the best qualities of two parents. What the polyantha rose lacked in beauty and fragrance are being compensated by the genes of a Hybrid Tea rose. What the Hybrid Tea Rose lacks in biological imperviousness, the polyantha rose bequeaths such quality.

There is nothing more striking than a garden full of bright Red Floribunda Roses.  Their magnificent color creates a level of excitement in any garden.

Here then, are some fine examples of Red Floribunda Roses and their respective growers.

Obsession Red Floribunda Rose

Obsession Red Floribunda RoseFrom the gardens of Jackson and Perkins. “Obsession™ is the new “must-have” floribunda and Jackson & Perkins’ 2015 Rose of the Year®. With its vibrantly red, lightly spice-scented blooms and 3½-foot-high by 3-foot-wide habit of dark green, glossy leaves, it’s a gorgeous and all-around well-balanced plant.

This 2015 introduction from Jackson & Perkins is destined to become a garden favorite. Everything about it is sure to delight, from its irresistible flowers (4 inches wide, with 20-25 bright red petals) to its attractive, healthy foliage to its fantastic garden performance.”

Black Cherry Red Floribunda Rose

Black Cherry Red Floribunda RoseFrom Wayside Gardens.  “It may get its name from the large, nearly black buds that begin its marvelous blooms, but Black Cherry™ undoubtedly gets its fine reputation from the exquisite deep red flowers and rich, old-fashioned damask scent with which it fills the garden all summer. An old-fashioned fragrance that may remind you of your grandmother’s garden, it is evocative and irresistible. It’s no wonder it was named our Floribunda of the Year® in 2006!

The blooms, which open from attractive pointed, ovoid buds, are fully double, 3 to 4 inches wide, and very long-lasting after cutting. This floribunda begins flowering in early summer and continues in waves all season, especially if deadheaded promptly. Vigorous and easy, it is heat tolerant and resistant to such diseases as powdery mildew and rust, which makes it easier to grow in warmer climates.

Black Cherry™ reaches 3 to 4 feet high and wide, suitable as a low hedge or container subject as well as a border standout. Its flowers are fade-proof and exquisitely formed. Make this reblooming delight an integral part of your sunny garden for many years to come!”

Light My Fire Red Floribunda Rose

Light My Fire Red Floribunda Rose“Today’s floribundas bear little resemblance to their ancestors, and Light My Fire™ is one of the absolute best, with giant waves of blooms all summer long (well into autumn in warm climates), huge double blooms, and brilliant color. Very disease resistant and bushy, this is a fine subject for the sunny shrub or perennial border, as well as for a tall hedge, container choice, or specimen. You will simply love Light My Fire™!

Part of the attraction is the unusual mix of rich orange and bright red in the flowers–very rare in the rose family, and always highly prized. Packed with petals, these flowers open fully 4 inches wide! And they appear in large clusters, so with a single snip you have a bouquet that will last for weeks!” (source: Jackson and Perkins)

Wayside Gardens