Red Floribunda Roses

Floribunda Roses

Floribunda gets its namesake from the literal Latin meaning, “many flowering”. They are a cross-breed between a frail yet majestic Hybrid Tea Roses and the virile and erratic-blooming polyantha rose native to Chine, Japan and Korea. They inherit the best qualities of two parents. What the polyantha rose lacked in beauty and fragrance are being compensated by the genes of a Hybrid Tea rose. What the Hybrid Tea Rose lacks in biological imperviousness, the polyantha rose bequeaths such quality.

Here then, are some fine examples of Red Floribunda Roses and their respective growers.

Jackson & Perkins Website:

Black Cherry Floribunda Rose

Charisma Yellow Red Floribunda Rose

Edmunds' Roses Website:

Drop Dead Red

Europeana Floribunda Rose

Fire 'N' Ice Floribunda Rose

Ketchup and Mustard Floribunda Rose

Heirloom Roses Website:

Dusky Maiden Floribunda Rose

Kanegem Floribunda Roses

Keep In Touch Floribunda Roses

Topsy Turvy Floribunda Rose

Regan Nursery Website:

Lavablut Floribunda Rose

Preference Floribunda Rose

Showbiz Floribunda Rose

Trumpeter Floribunda Rose

Rose Black Cherry FloribundaRose Black Cherry Floribunda

Hot Cocoa? Floribunda RoseHot Cocoa? Floribunda Rose

Scentimental Floribunda RoseScentimental Floribunda Rose