Yellow Floribunda Roses

Yellow Floribunda Roses

Floribunda gets its namesake from the literal Latin meaning, “many flowering”. They are a cross-breed between a frail yet majestic Hybrid Tea Roses and the virile and erratic-blooming polyantha rose native to China, Japan, and Korea. They inherit the best qualities of two parents. What the polyantha rose lacked in beauty and fragrance are being compensated by the genes of a Hybrid Tea rose. What the Hybrid Tea Rose lacks in biological imperviousness, the polyantha rose bequeaths such quality.

I have a real soft spot in heart for Yellow Floribunda Roses.  I do not know what it is, but I find the color yellow to be very refreshing.  If I thought I could get away with it I would have a garden of only Yellow Floribunda Roses.

Here then, are some fine examples of Yellow Floribunda Roses and their respective growers.

The Julia Child Yellow Floribunda Rose

Julia Child Yellow Floribunda RoseNamed for the renowned American chef, who would appreciate its combination of butter-yellow and fragrant anise!
Of course, it’s not edible, but this splendid 2006 AARS-winning floribunda honors one of America’s greatest chefs with magnificent color and scent! The big, fully double, 3-inch blossoms are butter-yellow and wonderfully redolent of licorice. They arise in giant clusters all over compact, disease-resistant shrubs just 3½ feet high and wide–perfect for any location from the border to your finest containers! The blooms open from pointed, ovoid buds and stand atop stems 20 to 26 inches long. And the lovely glossy, dark green foliage keeps it attractive even when not in bloom.
Bred by multiple AARS winner Tom Carruth, this splendid rose offers perfect form on each petal-packed blossom. Cut all you like for indoor arrangements; the long late spring to early summer bloom time of ‘Julia Child’ ensures that there will be more blossoms on the way! Very heat tolerant, this compact, vigorous shrub is easy to care for in the sunny garden.

Friend’s Embrace Yellow Floribunda

Friend's Embrace Yellow FloribundaJackson and Perkins say, “Give your guests a warm welcome with this charming new rose, which is a 2014 Jackson & Perkins introduction! Like drops of golden sunlight, clusters of yellow, spice-scented, 3-inch blossoms appear throughout the season, opening from lovely pointed buds and inviting visitors to delight in the 15 delicately ruffled petals and enticing fragrance. Like all floribundas, they grow in clusters, so one snip will give you a sensational bouquet to brighten your home.

The attractive shrub is wrapped in glossy, dark green leaves from which the flowers stand out like beacons in the night! Reaching a mature size of just 4 feet high and 3 feet wide, it will make a stunning addition to your beds, borders, and hedges, as well as patio containers, growing more and more dazzling with each passing year. This is one rose you do not want to miss!”

Easy Going Yellow Floribunda

Easy Going Yellow FloribundaAnother beautiful rose from Jackson and Perkins who describe this beauty as follows:  “If you’re looking for a Rose that will work like gangbusters in the sunny garden, Easy Going™ is the one you MUST grow! This Floribunda forms a well-branched, beautiful little shrub that covers itself with fragrant blossoms over a long season, remaining pest and disease free. Best of all, the citrus-scented blooms are gorgeous! You can’t beat Easy Going™ for a truly low-maintenance shrub Rose!

These exquisite blooms are fully double, with a petal count of 25 to 30 and a rich, pervasive fruity fragrance that you’ll find irresistible. 4¼ inches wide, they are suffused with golden-apricot tones and a perfect hybrid tea form–ideal for cutting, yet so beautiful in the sunny garden! They arise most heavily in early summer but continue all season, and demonstrate absolutely first-rate staying power, keeping their color and form much longer than most others–in the garden OR the vase!

Even more exciting than the flower power is the garden performance of this Rose. It’s very consistent in a variety of climates, quickly forming a well-branched, rounded shrub 3 to 5 feet high and about 2 feet wide, free from pests and disease and super-vigorous. This is the perfect Rose for a perimeter planting or other mass planting because it’s uniform and very high-performing. The foliage stays glossy and healthy with little help from you, and the long bloomtime and great staying power of the flowers keep it colorful longer!”

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